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Visual Field Testing

A visual field examination allows the doctor evaluate different areas of a patients vision. This test is extremely important because there are various medical conditions that can alter a patients visual field.  Interpreting how a patient performs on this test can reveal conditions such as glaucoma, stroke and brain tumors.

There are different ways to perform visual field tests. The most basic form is the confrontation visual field examination. Each patient at Compton Eye Associates receives a confrontation visual field.  This test is performed as a screening test. It allows our doctors to see, on a very broad level, if a more comprehensive evaluation of the visual field is indicated. If a patient fails this screening, or if symptoms dictate a need, an automated perimetry test will take place.

Automated perimetry is the industry standard for visual field testing. This test is very interactive. Using random flashing lights, of varying intensities and sizes, the computer tracks a patients visual field. This test uses the latest technology in monitoring if the patient is answering correctly as well as comparing the results to age appropriate normative data. This test is not only performed to diagnose conditions, but it is also used to monitor suspected change over time.

Visual field testing is yet another example of how Compton Eye Associates is providing the highest quality of care for its patients.

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