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Compton Eye Associates lies right on the northern end of Washington Heights and the Southern tip of Inwood. While many may debate which community our address lies within, the area is also defined by some as Fort George.

Here are some fun facts about the location:

  • Washington Heights gets its name from Fort Washington. Fort Washington was a fort built at the highest point on Manhattan to defend the area from the British forces during the American Revolutionary War.
  • During the British occupation of Manhattan in the American Revolutionary War, there was an encampment containing dozens of huts occupied by Hessian troops between 201st and 204th streets along Payson Avenue.
  • Home to The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is here that is devoted to Medieval art and culture.
  • The 100-foot tall Columbia “C” painted on the side of a rock across the Harlem River has been in place for approximately a half-century.
  • Although Inwood is the northernmost neighborhood on the island of Manhattan, it is not the northernmost neighborhood of the entire borough of Manhattan. That title is held by Marble Hill.
  • Inwood Hill Park is the only natural forest left in Manhattan.
  • The oldest building in Inwood is the Dyckman House.
  • The oldest farmhouse in Manhattan is on Broadway at 204th Street.
  • Built in 1855 of local Inwood marble, The Seaman-Drake Arch, located on Broadway near 216th Street, is one of only two free-standing arches in New York City. The only other is the Washington Square Arch.
  • The residents of Inwood were substantially of Irish and Jewish descent for much of the 20th century. With many of the residents moving to the outer boroughs during the 1960-1980s, there was a dramatic rise in the number of Dominican immigrants to the area.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, former NBA basketball superstar, grew up in the Dyckman Houses.
  • European Jews went to Washington Heights to escape Nazism during the 1930s and the 1940s.
  • According to police records, in 2011, Washington Heights was the fourth-safest neighborhood in Manhattan.
  • Manhattan’s oldest remaining house, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, is located between West 160th and West 162nd Street, just east of St. Nicholas Avenue.
  • Malcolm X was assassinated during a speech at the Audubon Ballroom, on Broadway at West 165th Street.
  • Five professional sports teams played in the Washington Heights area. The baseball Giants played at the Polo Grounds at West 155th Street and Eighth Avenue from 1911ÔÇô1957, the Yankees played there from 1913 to 1922, and the New York Mets played their first two seasons (1962 and 1963) there as well as the Football Giants (1925 and 1955) and New York Jets (1960 and 1963).