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Warning Signs Your Child May Have Vision Problems

Children with a family history of vision problems are likely to have problems themselves.  In any case, parents should know the warning signs.  The following are the most common signs:

  • Eyes that are misaligned can be caused by crossed eyes and can prevent your child from doing day to day activities such as reading
  • Tilting of the head when reading can also be a sign of crossed eyes
  • Sensitivity to light is a sign of a extropia (a type of crossed eyes)
  • Squinting can be a sign of compensating for vision problems
  • Sitting too close to something, like a TV, can be a sign of nearsightedness
  • Covering or shutting one eye can mean there is a problem in one or both eyes
  • Rubbing of the eyes can be a sign of eye weakness, and if the eyes are getting tired, there could be a vision problem
  • Frequent headaches can be caused by vision problems
  • Problems in school such as attention issues, reading comprehension or skipping lines when reading can be signs that your child cannot see their work or is having a tracking problem (astigmatism)

Children with undetected vision problems are sometimes misdiagnosed with learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD.  A thorough eye exam should be conducted by the age of three and every year thereafter.  Early detection can help determine where the real problem lies.


Early Warning Signs

Babies over the age of three months should be able to follow an object with their eyes as it moves across their field of vision.  If your child cannot make steady eye contact by this age, you should let your doctor know.

Children under the age of six months are likely to experience some form of crossed eyes because their brains are still developing the ability to see normally.  They should grow out of it, but if it continues to be a problem after six months, let your doctor know.

By the time your child reaches preschool age, it is important for them to have an eye exam.┬á Vision problems, such as ÔÇ£lazy eye,ÔÇØ may have no warning signs and the child may not complain of issues with their vision.┬á This is why it is important to have your childÔÇÖs vision checked regularly

For more information on identifying vision problem in your children, reach out to Compton Eye Associates.