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How Lack of Sleep Affects The Eyes

Man caught sleeping
Man sleeping

This day in age, many adults do not get the recommended amount of eight hours of sleep.  Not only does this affect your health in general, but it also affects your eyes.

Eye Symptoms Caused by Lack of Sleep:

  • Bloodshot Eyes: Popped eye vessels can occur when there is little to no sleep. In this case, the eye is not able to soak up the blood being delivered to the eyeball.  Though they are not painful, the look is unpleasant.  The eye can appear to have a bloody mark for about two weeks.
  • Eye Spasms: Also called Myokymia, this involuntary eye twitching is caused by insufficient rest.  It is a temporary condition and can be alleviated with sleep.  Should the condition continue, it could be an indicator of something more serious and should be evaluated by your doctor.
  • Dryness: This occurs when your eyes cannot produce new tears and cleanse themselves at night.   Deep sleep aids in this process and without it, your eyes will not have the protection the tears provide

Ways to Get Enough Sleep:

The most important thing is to make sleep a priority.  Make the conscious effort to make time for it and you will find that you are more productive and your overall health is better. If you have a hard time sleeping, follow some simple steps

  • Relax Your Body: Cut back on coffee and caffeine and drink hot tea instead. Warm beverages increase body temperature and make you feel sleepy
  • Set the Mood: Turn off all electronics, keep the lighting low and wear comfortable pajamas
  • Relax Your Mind: Try aromatherapy, meditation, a warm bath or relaxing sounds at night to ease your mind

If you have any questions or concerns about how sleep deprivation is affecting your eyes, reach out to Compton Eye Associates.