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What is the Cause of Dark, Puffy Eyes?

The two major problems most people see in their eyes are dark circles and puffiness.
Dark Circles
Unfortunately, genetics may play a major role in the cause of someoneÔÇÖs dark circles. However, they are most often associated with lack of sleep or aging. The skin around our eyes is naturally thin and as we age, this effect will increase the visibility of the tiny blood vessels in that area.
Dark circles come in two shades ÔÇô blue and brown. If you have brown under-eye circles, it could be genetics, but it can also be due to hyperpigmentation caused by rubbing of the eye or a lot of sun exposure. Sunscreen should be worn, but you can also try using a cream with soy or citrus, which will gradually brighten the skin.
If the dark circles are blue, it is caused by pooling blood under your eyes. While sleeping, fluids accumulate and our veins will expand to hold more blood. Aging is also a factor in this type of dark circle. As mentioned above, thinning skin will expose blood vessels more.
Puffy eyes can be caused by seasonal allergies, a cold or sinus infection, salty foods or even crying too much. Water moves from areas with low concentration of salt to areas with high concentration, in order to balance the levels of sodium. So if you had a salty dinner while watching a sad movie, your body is going to over-compensate.
Dark and Puffy Eyes in Children
Most dark, puffy eyes in children are caused by some type of nasal congestion. When a childÔÇÖs nose is congested, eye veins are unable to drain into the nose veins. As a result, the veins around the eyes become darker and larger and appear puffier and purple.
Nasal congestion usual occurs during colds, sinus infections and enlarged adenoids. During a cold or infection, mucus in the childÔÇÖs nasal passages become thick and infected and blocks the nose. The veins around the eyes will become darker and larger and cause dark circles under the eyes. Adenoids can fully block the nasal passage, resulting in snoring and sleep apnea. Again, the blockage causes dark circles.
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